Combination of Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting?

combination of both cheek implants and fat grafting ? Cheek implants because i want more prominent cheeks and fat grafting because i dont want rest of the face look sunken in and unnatural so i guess fat grafting makes the cheek implants and the overall face more natural is it possible to do that?

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Combination of Cheek Implants and Fat Grafting?

 I have perfomed many Cheek Augmentations using fillers, fat (many years ago) and Cheek Implants and IMHO Cheek Implants remain the "gold standard" and best method of permanently augmenting the cheeks.  

 Despite what some may say about fat transfer, it was a living tissue but is not once it is removed and replaced in the body.  This makes it prone to dissolving unevenly which it has a tendency to do.  Facial aesthetics dictate that the cheeks be a certain size and shape to create a more attractive face...there simply is no room IMO for lumpy, over-filled, or partially deflated fat when shaping the cheeks.  Cheek Implants are placed directly on top of the cheek bone and should not require fat transfer to accomplish the desired aesthetic goal and I would not use it.  Hope this helps.

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DO not get cheek implants!!! It can all be done with fat.

Cheek implants will always be a mess early or late it is hard to predict.  I can do everything that can be done with cheek implants and more with fat alone.  Find a doctor with a good track record of facial fat grafting with results that you like and that will be your best option!



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