Does the Columella Swell After a Closed Rhinoplasty?

I had a closed revision rhinoplasty last week to correct a deviated septum and add a columellar strut to try and correct tip ptosis. I'm worried because the columella still hangs to much for my liking. Is it possible that swelling is causing this even though it was a closed rhinoplasty? thank you very much!

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Does the Columella swell after a Rhinoplasty?

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 Yes, especially after a Septoplasty and placement of a columellar strut which involve incision in the columella itself from a posterior approach.  Give your self some time to see if the columella show (hanging) looks better after several months and as always it's best to ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon this question.

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Nasal swelling after a rhinoplasty

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Hello and thank you for the question.

Columellar swelling and global nasal swelling for that matter is common after a rhinoplasty and especially if you have had work done int he columellar region, such as a strut placement or any sort of suture plication. Swelling can take months to reside. Although a closed rhinoplasty may experience less swelling than an open procedure in general, the swelling can still be considerable nonetheless.  If you are concerned, I would recommend you follow up with your primary surgeon for an evaluation. 

Best of luck, 

Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

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Columella Swelling Can Occur After Closed Rhinoplasty

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After undergoing any rhinoplasty, all parts of the nose are prone to swelling, even the columella.  especially if you ahd a columellar strut placed to help support the tip of the nose.  Without a photograph, it is hard to say whether it is swelling or not, but it can really take six months for all of the changes associated with a rhinoplasty to settle down.  The best thing to do is to be patient and give it time.  After six months, if the area remains the same, then it is time to address  it with your surgeon.  I hope this helps.

Does the Columella Swell After a Closed Rhinoplasty?

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Again no posted photo so my guess is a maybe due to edema/swelling. But need to wait for a few months to allow healing than decide if it was just the swelling or residual tissue. 

Swelling after rhinoplasty

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Dear Russ,

There will always be swelling associated with any type of surgical procedure. The fact that you had a closed rhinoplasty does not change that. Fortunately, all swelling eventually resolves. Unfortunately, swelling in this part of the body takes the longest to resolve. So, be patient, and wait it out. It usually takes an entire year for patients to appreciate a final result after rhinoplasty surgery. Best wishes, Dr. H

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