Can A Columella Strut Taken From Rib Not Be Long Enough?

hi i have an ethnic nose and i once had a rhinoplasty by a doctor who reduced it too much and now i have been having revisions with my doctor trying to build it back up again and give it projection. ive had basically everything done on my nose. my sole question is can a columella strut which was taken from my rib be not long enough?. i feel like my tip doesnt project like my old nosse used to. i sort of wanted that "pulled out strong" look. instead of just a projected nose.

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Rib graft columellar strut

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The short answer is yes, in you case your graft may be too short.  Columellar struts in open rhino and especially redos are an important tool.

keep in mind this  however. The rib is plentiful but the surgeon desires how long the graft is

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Revision of Ethnic Nose

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It is possible that a columellar strut is too short. However, there are other causes of an inadequately projected or a poorly defined tip. Pictures would be very helpful in answering your question.  

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