Will Shortening the Columella Strut Cause Both Deprojection and Derotation of the Tip?

Quick question to all you nose experts! I had a columella strut placed to support a tip graft. Will shortening the strut cause both deprojection and derotation the tip? Thanks!

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Will Shortening the Columella Strut Cause Both Deprojection and Derotation of the Tip?

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Shortening the columellar strut, during Rhinoplasty, will do neither of those...it won't decrease tip projection which is determined by the height of the nasal tip itself, nor will it decrease tip rotation which is determined by the anterior septal angle and shape of tip cartilages.

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Columella strut

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The strut itself is used for support purposes. If it was used to elevate the lateral crua, you may notice deprojection after shortening it.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Answer to RealSelf.com question regarding Columellar strut in rhinoplasty

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A columellar strut is typically used to support the tip and maintain its projection, paticularly after open rhinoplasty.  One can expect a decrease in tip projection with open rhinoplasty simply as a consequence of the procedure.  The columellar strut is therefore often used to maintain or control the amount of projection desired.  

Shortening of an existing strut is likely to decrease projection and may or may not affect tip rotation.  However, removal or shortening of the strut is likely to be technically challenging and the result may not be predictable because of possible unintended consequences.  Without further information, I cannot predict what such a procedure might accomplish for you.  Discuss this in detail with your surgeon.  You might also consider a second opinion if you are still unsure.  Good luck.

Eric T. Emerson, MD, FACS
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