Will Columella Shrink Over Time After Open Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty done on the first of February. My surgeon resculpted the bulbous tip and fixed the sunken bridge using cartilage grafts. Overall, I'm happy with how my nose bridge looks but I feel like the tip and columella is too big. I was told it will take a while to see the final results, especially since I have thick skin. However, my columella looks low (especially from the front view), is this due to swelling? Will it look better as the swelling subsides or the tip drops?

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Tip and columellar swelling after rhinoplasty surgery

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You are very early in your recovery after rhinoplasty. The areas that tend to be most swollen tend to be the tip and the columella in front of the transcolumellar scar. This is magnified in patients with thick skin. This swelling makes the tip appear larger, wider and slightly more projected. This will improve significantly over the first few months following surgery but will take about 1 year for you to fully appreciate the final results. It's difficult but so important to be patient in your recovery and to follow-up as scheduled with your surgeon to ensure that you are healing as planned.

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