Columella Shows and Upturned Nose

I am 1 month post op and I thought that my nose would drop at this point but it is still fairly upturned. i was born with a downturned/ bulbuous nose and i am not used to see my nostrils and columella i am worried are there any chances it drops? i really don't want to go through revision rhinoplasty

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Columella Shows and Upturned Nose

     There are a lot of variables that can affect tip descent, but, in most cases, the tip does descend a bit over time.




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Up turned tip, columellar show

The tip of your nose will descend over time.  Without photographs it is hard to provide you with much reassurance about whether or not it will resolve you were concerns.  Because the muscles of facial expression that impact the position of the columella and nose, there is constant muscle activity that causes the tip of the nose to descend after surgery.  If the nostrils are elevated, then the appearance of a hanging columella may not improve and it may be necessary to correct the deformities with revision surgery.

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