Columella Scar. Will Massage Make the Notch Heal?

I had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and have noticed a notch on the left rim of the columella. Will massaging the scar make the notch heal? If not when is the best time to have a revision done on the scar? How complicated is the process, or should I just wait and see if it heals by doing the massaging.

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Outside nose scar after rhinoplasty

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I do almost all of my nasal surgery through cuts inside the nose and none outside for one of the problems with an "open" rhinoplasty is that you may get nothing of the columella as well as depression and prolonged swelling of the nasal tip. The scar should continue to get better and could be revised in the future.

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Without a picture or an exam it’s hard to give accurate advice. You should see your PS to get post instruction or what you can possible do to help improve your scar.


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