Columella and Deviation

I had septorhinoplasty over 2 years ago. A few weeks ago I noticed some swelling on the outside of the right nostril, and it felt a bit sore inside (but not severe). My doctor gave me some antibiotics and things seemed to settle. But now I think the columella is slightly lower and also the nose looks slightly more deviated to the right. It's quite subtle, and I don't know if I could be imagining it. Are these type of changes possible? I'm young and active, & there's been no direct injury. Thanks

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Columella deviation

The columella is of course connected to the septum.The infection may have effectedit . These are issues for your surgeon and you to discuss..

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Nasal issues

Without seeing you in person, it is difficult to guess what is actually going on. Did you have an infection resulting in unusual swelling or tissue loss?  I think that you should follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Columella & the Septum

The septum and the columella blend together as these structures mesh together.  Therefore, your complaint may be related to both of these structures.  However, if your condition worsens, follow-up with your physician.

Robert Shumway, MD
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