Should I have my silicone removed and replaced?

I have silicone in my hipps,butt,and face,I had a fractured cheek bone not due to anything with the silicone. I have a little aches and pain every now and then in my hips and buttocks,I'm thinking of having some of it removed from my face,because of my dropping and marinette and frawnl lines,and I think I want it removed from body. I don't have enough fat for a transfer,and I want buttock and hip implants, i have taken antibiotics and prednazone in the past. What would you advise? Please and thank you?!

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Removing silicone from the face and body

We would advise you to seek the advice of a trained and knowledgeable plastic surgeon about whether you are a candidate for removal of the silicone. Not all patients are appropriate candidates for surgery. 

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