No sensation in left nipple and pain in the breast after implant reconstruction and lift?

2.5 weeks ago, I had a lift & implant reconstruction. My PS said the left breast gave a lot of trouble & that it was barely under the muscle to begin with. So given all this "trouble" with this side, is it normal to have aching & pain, and also loss of nipple sensation, all on the left side? I will follow up with PS in a few weeks but am wondering if this should be a huge concern right now. Surgery was 8/31/16.

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Nipple sensation loss and pain on one side after implantation and breast lift

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Thank you for your question. What you are experiencing is common so soon after surgery. It sounds like the left side required a little more work so having more symptoms on that side is reasonable to expect. The nerve that provides sensation to the nipple is very close to where the implant is placed and temporary nipple sensation change is very common. The inflammation associated with the surgery can make it stop working or cause constant discomfort. This nearly always resolves as healing progresses and the nerve recovers. However long term nipple sensation changes can occur but it is a 5% or less occurrence. Be reassured that your situation is well within normal expectations. I tell my patients that when it comes to Breast Surgery, "They are Sisters, not Twins". Many patients have a problem child on one side but that nearly always settles out after several months (most sooner than that). Follow up with your PS and follow their instructions and you should do very well.

Breast lift and revision

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Sensation may be diminished from swelling and may return as the selling subsides. Some patients experience more pain and discomfort on one side over the other for various reasons. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

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