Sick After Tt Flu Like No Fever?

I am 19 days po from a full tt Mr and Lipo to the flanks. My incision seems fine other than feeling stiff and sore. The past few days I've been feeling sick almost like I have the flu body aches night sweats cold then hot and feel very nauseated. So I be concerned or just treat it as a virus? I haven't had a fever.

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Sick after tummy tuck

   In the absence of fever, foul smelling drainage, and increasing redness and pain around the incision, you likely have a viral illness.

Sick After Tt Flu Like No Fever

Patients after surgery are unfortunately not immune from illnesses going around the community. This does sound like a viral illness, but a call in to your surgeon or primary physician is in order. With a few more questions, a decision can be made about whether or not you should be seen in person for examination.

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