3 months post op, is it clear that I will need a Tummy Tuck Revision? Also, can I have a Belly Button revision? (photos)

Surgery was 3/25/14.I have yet to see a flat tummy.My stomach looks better,but it is still not flat.I have not seen any significant change in my swelling over the past month.I feel that I still have that "mommy pooch",I am concerned that it isn't just swelling; that I wasn't stretched tight enough and/or corrected properly. I am also unhappy with the outer stitching on my BB. I was unaware of inner stitching being an option, and I hate this ring. It's ugly and obvious. Can I have a BB revision?

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Concerned about tt results

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Hello and thank you for your question. Please do not rush into a revision.  I agree that your post-op results are not ideal, but can also assure you that they will improve over the next 4-6 . At that stage if unhappy you can re address your concerns with your ps again.

Abdominoplasty results and revision

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Your abdominoplaty has left you with a slightly high incision and by keeping the incision short the maximal amount of skin was not removed.  This may have been by your choice, ie to keep the scar short.  In my opinion you would benefit from a revision of the umbilicus, lowering of the abdominal incision, removal of excess fat, possible re-plication of the infra-umbilical fascia and liposuction of the lateral flanks and hips.  I would give it another 3 months before you consider a revision.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Discuss with your plastic surgeon

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I think the first step would be to tell your plastic surgeon what your concerns are and see what they recommend.  I think from looking at your pictures there may be things you can do, but the scars will continue to heal over the next 6-12 months and may not need revision.  If you still have fullness of the lower abdomen, there are other things that can be done, but time is definitely an ally.

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Postoperative dogears will require surgical revision.

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It's too early to determine whether the scars will need a revision as they are still remodeling. The dogears laterally however will not go away and will require a small surgical revision.

It is still early- scar color will improve!

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Hello- For the first few months the scars all look worse-- so try to be patient.
The color will fade so much it might not be an issue around your belly button.
As for the "pooch"- this can be swelling and also since you have  not been able to work out after surgery, your abs have weakened-- once you start back into crunches, this should improve too! Good Luck.

Concerns 3 months post-op about tummy tuck results

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Scarring will improve and if you had liposuction with your procedure (aka lipoabdominoplasty) skin shrinkage can still occur.  Allow a little more time for 'healing' but keep your surgeon informed of your concerns so plans can be made and options presented should it be determined that revisions must be done.  Scars can always be revised and if you have a thickness to pinching, liposuction can always be done to take down 'bumps' and fullnesses.

Tummy Tuck

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Some of your issues with swelling will take several more months to completely resolve. The scar will flatten some over time, but you still may need a revision. I would recommend that you wait at least 6 months, maybe longer before considering any revision.

3 months post op, is it clear that I will need a Tummy Tuck Revision? Also, can I have a Belly Button revision?

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I reviewed ALL your posted photos and texts, quite a lot! Yes you have an acceptable result but the choices made by your chosen PS have left some things/issues wanting. I think instead of a shorter scar you needed at least 6 cm more of length laterally, the external bb scar is due to to much rim of tissue, additional "corset effect" could be done. Unfortunately there will be a higher cost to correct these results, in the $8,000 range. Timing is at 4 to 6 months post op... Good Luck. 

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