Had LASIK in one eye and PRK in the other. Wanting to know if what I'm experiencing is normal.

I had LASIK in my left eye and PRK in my right eye. I'm 5 days post-op and my vision is terrible. My left eye will seem great at times and then get blurry but my right eye has been blurry. I work on a computer and literally can't see. If I increase the font size or try some readers it helps my left eye but nothing helps my right eye. I get the bandage removed tomorrow, will this make the blurred vision worse? I have such a headache from straining. Is this normal? Questioning my decision!

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Lasik vs lasek vs prk

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prk takes forever to heal your md should have told you thathe should have also done a LASEK in both eyes rather than lasik in 1 and prk in the otherthis is bc PRK in 1 means your eyes were borderline for lasik in bothso would have been better to lasek both as that is as safe as prk w as quick recovery almost as lasikbut the slower recovery is normal for prk so don't worry about it:)

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