I have gummy bear D cup over the muscle implants. Will they sag in time? (Photo)

My gummy bear implants over the muscle done October 2014 should they have been under the muscle ? I was a b cup I'm 5'2 124lbs I'm scared they will sag over time

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Implants and sagging

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Eventually all implants will sag as the quality of the skin changes as we get older.  Implants do not always need to be placed under the muscle. Best of luck.

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Sagging Question

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Thank you for your question. Your breasts appear to be doing well after surgery.  No evidence of sagging is noticable.  While it is not possible to prevent sagging 100%, weight gain/loss and pregnancy are the biggest culprits.  Avoiding these situations are the best that you can do to reduce the risk of sagging.  At this point, there is no indication for moving the implants under the muscle as long as you are doing well and are happy.  Best wishes.

I have gummy bear D cup over the muscle implants. Will they sag in time?

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Thank you for your question.  Both augmented and non-augmented breasts will sag with time due to effects from gravity, hormonal changes, pregnancy and/or nursing.  Genetics will play a large role in the degree of sagging so all else being equal it is difficult to know how much yours may droop with time.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Sagging after breast augmentation

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Hi, jbeau56
All breasts (with or without implant) do sag over time.  Gravity and time will make breasts sag.  However, if implants are in sub-glandular plane, they would sag more than if they were under the muscle.  
If you are not happy with your current breast shape, please talk with your plastic surgeon.
Best regards.

Sagging of breasts

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 That's a very good question. In my experience, in patients who have a mild amount of breast sagging, the under the muscle approach necessitates removing some of the inner part of the muscle such that the middle portion of the implant is below the last fiber of muscle. In that way, the bottom of this implant, which is the most exposed to gravity, will act the same in the sub muscular as in the sub glandular position. Unfortunately, gravity is unrelenting and all implants over time will fall a little bit. With bigger implants in thinner patients this may be quicker than patients with more breast tissue and smaller implants. Follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Will Implants Sag Over Time

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Breast implants are most prone to sagging when the inframammary fold is violated and when implants that are too large for the skin thickness and breast tissue of a patient are used. With proper implant placement and consideration of the patients' natural breast tissue and skin thickness, neither submuscular nor subgladular implants will sag more than the other. Of course, just as if you did not have implants, gravity continues to work and over time the breast tissue that provides support to the breasts becomes weaker and breasts naturally sag. Eventually, if you are unhappy with this natural process you may consider a revision. Best wishes.

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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