I'm considering gum contouring for my back couple of teeth, will 1- 1.5 mil really make a difference? (photos)

I had a consultation with a doctor who said he might have to cut out some of the bone so the gum doesn't grow back, which is fine. Although, he said he would probably only be able to cut 1-1.5 mil. Will that even make a difference? Also, as you can see in my pics my right side is more severe than my left- can I have this procedure only done on my right and would that change the cost (I forgot to ask at my consultation). Thank you so much! (Do not want crowns bc of $$)!

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It might make a difference

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You may get some improvement. But you also need to be careful that dentist does not remove too much bone as they will expose your root and create a larger problem than your esthetic concern. 

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