I am 31 y/o, 5'8", and little over 600 lbs. Large Volume Lipo? (photo)

I am 31 y/o, 5'8", and little over 600 lbs. I am emotionally to the point where something has to change. I was hoping someone could direct me to the proper surgeon who would perform large volume Lipo on someone my size. I am well aware of the dangers. I know the risks. Death is possible with or without the surgery and id rather have the chance to be normal than to live alone and caved in. i know my issues arent yours but if you could take 2 mins and point me in the right direction.

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Large Volume Liposuction

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    You may be candidate for massive weight loss surgery, but liposuction would not be advised.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Large volume lipo vs bariatric surgery

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As stated before, LIPOSUCTION IS NOT THE ANSWER PERIOD.  you have reached an important crossroad in your life and I applaud your realization that you need a drastic change.  Weight loss surgery is very effective and you need to consult your insurance provider to see what surgeons participate with your health plan.  You will need additional surgery following weight loss to remove the excess skin.  However, the first step for this journey involves a visit to a bariatric surgeon.  There are excellent support groups that can give you the details of what the whole procedure is like and the expected outcomes.

Large Volume Lipo? (photo)

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Congratulations.  You have reached an important point, that juncture at which you are ready to change.  Before the change can be made, you must be ready, and it sounds like you are.  In agreement with other responders, a gastrointestinal (bariatric) procedure is probably indicated.  There are great surgeons in Georgia and the Southeast, including most certainly surgical weight loss programs.  Scheduling consultation and being evaluated is your first step.  Best Wishes.

Large Volume Lipo?

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Although you may be able to find someone who would do liposuction on you, I doubt you would find any reputable board certified plastic surgeon. It is definitely not an option for you at your current weight. There are several surgical weight loss options that might work very well. You would need to seek consultation from an experienced Bariatric surgeon.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure

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Liposuction is a very effective way to improve contour to areas that have persistent fatty deposits. However, it is not a weight loss procedure.

There are surgeries designed to help people loose a substantial amount of weight and are highly successful including the LapBand, gastric bypass, and gastroplasty procedures. I encourage you to seek out a Weight Loss Surgeon in your area who can advise you which procedure would be most appropriate for you.

Large volume liposuction

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Large volume liposuction would not make much difference in your case and the risks far outweigh any limited benefits you may get. You are better off seeking a gastric bypass or lap band option.

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

Please see a weight loss surgeon

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Any kind of liposuction is absolutely not the answer for you.  No real weight loss of any significance will come from that.  What you really need to consider is visiting an experienced weight loss surgeon and be evaluated.  By the way, did you see the story on line yesterday about the 540 pound person who lost substantial weight by cycling?  It can be done without surgery but it is tough for sure.  Good luck!

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