What is the Best Procedure to Help Align my Face and Straighten my Nose? (photo)

I underwent a BSSO and Lufort Surgery in my thirties. It seems My face is losing more of its posture and my nose is crooked.

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What is the Best Procedure to Help Align my Face and Straighten my Nose?

Thanks for posting the questions and photos. But better for you to see a few boarded PSs in your city in person. Over tyne internet very hard to be exacting. I might recommend rhino/septaloplasty to straighten out your nose and feminize it more. A mini face lift with fat grafts/PRP, and upper lids. 

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Volume replacement

You point out that your face is losing its posture. You are noticing the early signs of aging when we begin to notice the skin and soft tissue sagging and areas in our face deflating. We also start losing bone as well when we age. The structure that was holding up your face is beginning to lose volume. There is an asymmetry in your midface (cheeks and bony structure where your Lefort procedure was done) between the right and left sides. This is what I see is contributing to the crooked nose. Your nose appears crooked because the base of your nostrils are at different heights which is due to the different heights of your midface bones on either side of your face. One of the options for helping to align your face is to provide more volume in the right midface to reset the height of the base of your nostril on that side. This could be done many ways - nonpermanent injectable fillers or autologous fat for volume replacement or permanent midface implants. 

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