It's been three weeks since my neck lift & right side of my neck looks horrible. How much longer will it be numb? (Photo)

I had a neck lift with lipo in neck three weeks ago. I had problem after problem after the surgery. The right side of my neck is swollen, red, the skin is thin. I hope its not rotten off. It does not look right. I'm still not able to talk right or smile because of numbness. How much longer? When I ask my doctor he alwYs has this worried look. I'm freaking out.

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It's been three weeks since my neck lift & right side of my neck looks horrible. How much longer will it be numb?

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What you show is unusual for a post-operative neck lift . Without further details-- that is incision site, length and location- along with pre-operative photos- it is difficult to give a complete and accurate response. You may need a redo procedure with possible extension of the dissection process and contour improvement.

Issues after a Neck lift

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Thank you for sharing your question and photos.  I understand your concerns.  Numbness is not uncommon after a facelift.  Sensation generally returns over time provided no main sensory nerves (e.g., great auricular nerve) were cut.  Changes in your ability to talk or smile after a facelift are concerning.  These changes may be due to swelling, inflammation of the nerve or potential nerve injury.  I recommend that you continue to follow-up on a regular basis with the surgeon who performed the procedure and express your concerns.  If you desire to seek a second opinion, I recommend doing so from a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon who specializes in performing facelifts.

Problems after neck lift

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Thank you for your question and for including pictures. I can see why you may be concerned about your outcome. There are several issues here that need to be addressed. Having some residual numbness is not uncommon and usually resolves in weeks to months. Not being able to smile, however, could indicate and injury to the facial nerve. Most of the time these type of injuries resolve as well, but I would see your doctor routinely so he can monitor it closely. The skin issue should settle down as well and it is hard to determine now whether you may need a revision in the future. 

Problems after neck lift...

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Likely either the liposuction cannula or the scissors came too close to the skin though only your surgeon knows for sure.  

Give this several months of healing prior to any needed revision as right now there is too much inflammation within the area.  

As far as the numbness, this is common.  I tell my patients that the numbness will continue to improve, but expect this to last to some degree for at least a few months.  Take care and best wishes.  

It's been three weeks since my neck lift & right side of my neck looks horrible. How much longer will it be numb?

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Yes the right neck area has an issue that ONLY your surgeon could explain. But I agree there is a problem that may need revision after 6 months healing. 

Healing after Necklift

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Generally speaking, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal after surgery. Please keep in touch with your surgeon or his/her clinical team to discuss your ongoing concerns.

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Problems with your neck

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By right side, I think you mean left?

Looking at the other pictures in your surgical review, it appears you had a blood or fluid collection in your neck that became infected and required surgical drainage. The right side of your neck bore the brunt of this. The drain tube has left a depression, and the skin is swollen, similar to the increased wrinkling in your fingers when in the bathtub.The good news is that this will largely resolve over time.The bad news is that this will take several months.Keep in close contact with your surgeon. You were at your worst now. You will actually get much, much better with time. Have faith.

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