Why do doctors advise patients to NOT get jaw implants?

I am a male who wants to get mandibular angle implants, specifically to create a lower jaw angle and a more chiseled/masculine "look." Based on my research, I will need posterior mandib. implants. However, from what I've read by browsing RS, it seems that many surgeons advise patients to NOT get jaw angle implants. Why is this? I have heard that fillers can't create a "lowering" effect and can only add width, so it sounds like my only option for obtaining a lower jaw angle is via implants.

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Jaw Angle Implants

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The answer to your question is that most plastic surgeons have never done jaw angle implants and, if they have done a case or two, they may have had a bad experience. Jaw angle implants are the hardest facial implant to place correctly and in a symmetrical fashion. In addition the few jaw angle implants styles and sizes that are currently available are often ill suited for patient needs. It is not easy to master jaw angle implant selection and piper surgical placement. 

Mandibular angle implants

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This has been dropped from many surgeons menus due to the highest complication rate. It is difficult to place and match the other side. Then the implant is sometimes stabilized by a screw. The approach is from inside the mouth adding to possible infections if fluid gathers around the implant or it should become exposed.

Sculptra, filler,  can be placed inferior to the mandible to enhance the square jaw effect.

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