Do I need an eyebrow lift before blepharoplasty or will fat transfer work? (Photo)

Hello. I have ptosis in my eyelids and know that I need a blepharaplsty. As I've aged I've also noticed volume in face disappearing and thus revealing some asymmetry from one side of my face to another. My right side seems droopy. My eyebrows cheeks and some days my eye even seems lower. The eyelid on the right eye is also more prevalent. My question is, will fat transfer to that side of the face help lift the eye area? Do I need to resolve the asymmetry before I get blepharaplsty?

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Brow lift before blepharoplasty

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While in some situation it could be safer to stage the procedures most blepharoplasties can be done in conjunction with the brow lift. However, unless you are seriously compensating, your eyebrows sees high enough and you not need a brow lift. You would benefit from blepharoplasty, ptosis correction and fat injection.

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Big gurls don't cry

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Dear biggurl,
The complex and dynamic interactions of the muscles of the forehead and upper eyelids cannot accurately be evaluated with a single photo and no examination.  You do appear to have an asymmetry in your brow height, but it may actually be due to a drooping of your eyelid (ptosis).  Consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon or board certified ophthalmologist in your area can determine your exact goals, needs and options.  Good luck!

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