Chronic swollen, red, puffy eyes: A cosmetic concern or a bigger issue? (photo)

I've had red and veiny eyelids my whole life, but attributed it to the fact I'm fair skinned. However, within the last several years, my eyes have become more red and swollen, and lately, slightly painful in the morning and at night. I have soreness and slight pressure behind my eyes and very mild burning when I close them. I've had this for so long that I never thought much of it, but now I'm becoming a little concerned. What could it be (if anything)?

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I recommend seeing a board certified ophthalmologist to assess your concerns.

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Sorry, this forum is simply not the place to have this questioned answered.  You have wonderful ophthalmologist in Columbus.  Please see a highly qualified, caring eye MD in your area to be assessed and have your concerns addressed by a physician who can help you.

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Chronic swollen red puffy lids

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Judging from your photo you appear to be suffering from blepharitis which is an inflammation of the eyelids along the lashes.  This isn't a dangerous medical condition but can get a lot better with treatment.  I recommend seeing an ophthalmologist if you want improvement.  Best of luck.


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Tough to tell much from this picture as we see very little of the eyelids.  Fair skinned individuals with redness often have rosacea.  This can also affect the eyelid glands, and the lid margin can appear red.  The inflammation in the glands will affect the tear production causing a dry eye.  This can cause the redness and burning of the eye.  See an oculoplastic specialist who can evaluate your eyes and lids and determine what is going on. 

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