Please advise. I had a TT 6 months ago but I am no where flat. Do I need lipo to get a better result? (Photo)

During my consultation, my doc didn't think I need liposuction but now I think that I won't get any flatter or a flatter appearance. What do you think?

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Please advise. I had a TT 6 months ago but I am no where flat. Do I need lipo to get a better result? (Photo)

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Hi, thank you for your question and photos. #Swelling can persist for several months and will gradually improve and will look better at three months, six months, and even one year. You may be a good #candidate for #liposuction, but you may also have some intra-abdominal fat which can only be addressed by diet and exercise. This type of fat surrounds your internal organs and cannot be liposuctioned. Please speak to your board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated and have any additional questions answered. Best wishes to you!

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Tummy Tuck Expectations

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Thank you very much for your question and photos.  There are two issues that are keeping you from getting a flatter tummy.  The first is intra-abdominal fat around the organs that can only be addressed with diet and exercise.  The second issue is that you do have some residual fat that would benefit from additional liposuction now that the skin and muscle have been tightened.  A combination of both efforts would give you the most dramatic improvement in your shape and waistline.  Best wishes!

Tummy result

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when i see someone who wants improvement in the torso or midsection area, i would do the TT 1st to be followed by liposuction in 3-6 months. some people do store fat inside the abdomen which can only be changed with diet. talk to your surgeon about the result and your expectations.

Will liposuction help?

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Thank for your inquiry.  I m not sure liposuction will help your result very much, but you need to be examined to see how much of the contour is du to fat above the muscle and how much is do to fat inside the abdomen.  Please have your surgeon comment.  

Tummy Tuck results

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Thank you for your question and your photographs.
It appears you have an overall improvement in your figure after your Tummy Tuck surgery.
A tummy tuck, known as an abominoplasty, is primarily designed to flatten the tummy by suturing and tightening the abdominal wall which has loosened with time and pregnancies.
The results can be enhanced by liposculpture of any remaining areas of localized fatty deposits.  This procedure is a significantly smaller operation in scope, cost, recovery and risk.  The decision to proceed requires an evaluation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can review your options and the risks/benefits associated with any additional procedures.

Daniel M. Calloway, MD
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Please advise. I had a TT 6 months ago but I am no where flat. Do I need lipo to get a better result?

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Might be an option. But only in person opinions are valid!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please advise. I had a TT 6 months ago but I am no where flat. Do I need lipo to get a better result?

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At 6 months postop, you have a nice result and probably all that you should expect that one procedure to accomplish. Exercise to strengthen your core muscles, further weight loss and possibly liposuction if the external fat on your abdomen is still thick will improve your current results.

Please advise. I had a TT 6 months ago but I am no where flat. Do I need lipo to get a better result?

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Thank you for question and photograph, and it looks like you have gotten a nice result.  Unfortunately only an in-person diagnosis can assess what treatment options, if any, can further enhance your results.  One needs to determine whether you have continued adipose tissue, swelling, excess skin, muscle laxity, intraabdominal adipose tissue, or postural issues affecting your results.  See your surgeon and review your preoperative plan with them, together you should be able to determine how best to make your results match your expectations. 

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Improve tummy tuck

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 To answer that question and in person evaluation is necessary to see if that fat that is contributing to the bulge is located above the muscle or below the muscle. Above the muscle fat can be remedied with more liposuction while below the muscle fat will benefit from weight loss. Go back to your operating surgeon and asked their opinion. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Improving abdominal shape after a tummy tuck

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In a tummy tuck the abdominal skin and fat is lifted off of the the muscles.  The muscles are tightened and the extra skin and fat is removed.  Think of straightening the sheets on  your bed--you lift them up, pull them tight, and tuck in the excess.  That's what happens in a tummy tuck.  Sometimes the abdominal tissue is thick and despite removing the excess there is still some fullness.  Liposuction later on may be helpful for those patients.  The abdominal flap tissue can't be safely liposuctioned (or thinned out) at the time of a tummy tuck.  That can lead to serious wound healing problems.  So if the flap is a little thick, then liposuction can make that better.  If the issue is from lack of muscle tone--remember a tummy tuck only brings the muscles to the midline again, it doesn't create a six-pack--then exercise and strengthening is the best thing to do.  And don't forget, weight loss is always helpful for improving the tummy shape.  Based on the pictures I suspect a little liposuction may be helpful but the most important factor for improving the shape will be toning the abdominal muscles.  No surgery is a replacement for diet and exercise, that should always be part of your effort to get your best results.  I dont' think a repeat tummy tuck with further tightening of the muscles will be helpful.  The pictures do show a nice improvement, with a little time in the gym those results will only get better.  Best of luck.

Jason E. Leedy, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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