A few puffs 16 days before deviated septum/rhinoplasty?

I am getting rhinoplasty/deviated septum surgery in 2 weeks. 2 nights ago (16 days before surgery) I had a few puffs from friends' cigs (maybe equivalent to smoking a half cig/cig?). I am a very light and inconsistent smoker and quit a month prior to surgery (smoked a lot july 4th weekend but nothing before that for over a month). This was a dumb slip-up - I am confident that I can abstain totally for the next two weeks before surgery, do I have to tell my doctor that I just took a few puffs?

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Be honest with your surgeon.

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You should absolutely inform your surgeon. Most surgeons recommend abstaining from tobacco products for 4 weeks prior to surgery. This is because of the effects nicotine has on the microcirculation and wound healing. It is unlikely they will cancel or postpone the surgery because of this one incident but it’s always best to be honest about you adherence or lack there of the preoperative instructions. Rhinoplasty is a challenging operation and you want to do everything you can to optimize your results. Not smoking is one of those things you can easily control.

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Smoking before rhinoplasty

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Thank you for the question. You should absolutely consult with your physician about your smoking habits in order to obtain the most reliable and individualized medical advice. Most specialists recommend abstaining from smoking for 2-3 weeks before a rhinoplasty, while others may insist on a full month or two. It is always best to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon and have a full evaluation for your concern. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
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Smoking cigarettes for a rhinoplasty and septoplasty

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One half of a cigarette 2 weeks before a septoplasty and rhinoplasty should not affect and result, but it's always best to check in with  Your operative surgeon.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Honesty with your surgeon

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Should you tell your surgeon? Yes. Don't you expect your surgeon to be completely honest with you concerning his or her skill as well as the inherent risks of the procedure? Smoking a little or a lot can still potentially negatively impact your outcome. My patients understand that their outcome is determined in part by my skill and technique, and in part by their adherence to my pre and post operative instructions. They (my instructions) are not rigorous by any means. 

Should be OK

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If you are not smoking in the two weeks before surgery, that should be OK.  Good luck on abstaining as it is good for your health.

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