How to get rid of this blob hanging in front of me? (Photos)

Me being a diabetic tried everything im 39 5'7 and 250 pounds some exercises. Hurt my back due to back surgery i feel if i get this heavy stomach of it could help my back and my diabetes

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Body rejuvenation options

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You are an ideal candidate for a body lift procedure down the track.  You will achieve the best aesthetic results from surgery if you are at your ideal goal weight.  This will help with your diabetes and in turn help to minimise the risks associated with surgery.  

250 Pounds & Miserable - What Can I Do?

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I am so sorry you have gotten into this situation.  I am sure you are correct that your back pain and back surgery and your diabetes are secondary to your excessive weight.  I personally feel that the recommendation that you diet and exercise is a great idea, but if willpower alone would work, you would not be 5'7" and 250 lbs.  Most hospitals have programs for people who want to lose weight, and once you demonstrate your strong desire and ability to lose some weight, they will put you in a queue to have bariatric surgery.  
I think human beings, in general, need short terms goals with promise of a reward at the end, i.e. bariatric surgery.  I am convinced that significantly overweight people don't get there because they want to get there.  Whether it is a genetic predisposition or environmental pressure, I am sure you wouldn't be overweight if you can help it, therefore I am sure you can't help it.  Bariatric surgery has proven to be a relatively safe great way of losing up to 100 pounds or more.  
Once you have lost that weight and are stable in your new reasonable weight, there will be a lot less back pain and probably little to no diabetes.  At that point, I suggest you seek consultation with one of the amazing Board Certified plastic surgeons in Tennessee.  Post bariatric cosmetic surgery is very sophisticated today, and if you do your part to include picking the right plastic surgeon, you have a great chance of having an amazing body and a new life.
You go girl!

How to get rid of pannus

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Thank you for your question. You need to loose weight before the surgery to avoid complications. Please try and loose weight with diet and exercise or if it does not work bariatric surgery is an option. Please talk to your primary care physician for evaluation and to discuss the options.

How to improve my abdomen?

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Thanks for your photos and question. Most people go to surgery for the easiest fix. As a surgeon, I think this was as well. In your case, however, I feel that safe and appropriate weight loss is your best FIRST answer. Once you are closer to your ideal weight, I then recommend you speak to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a full and thorough evaluation. He or she will discuss your medical issues, including diabetes, and what your best surgical options are. I hope this help and I wish you all the nest with your road to body transformation.

How to get rid of this blob hanging in front of me?

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You will benefit from a tummy tuck with liposuction of the hips and back area, but your results will be even better if you lose weight before the procedure. Further weight loss will get rid of the excess fat inside your abdominal muscles that is located around your intestines and internal organs. Once this diminishes, the roundness in your abdominal wall will flatten and will allow the surgeon to pull your skin tighter, ultimately giving you a flatter, tighter tummy. This should also help your back pain and your diabetes.


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Based on your weight and height, your BMI is 39.2.  and have diabetes.You are a very high risk for any surgery. You need to loose weight. Your diabetes will get better control and the surgical risks will be much less.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


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It would help is you had a panniculectomy or tummy tuck. However, I think your overall health and final look would be far better if you reduced by 50-100 lbs and then had a tummy tuck. I suspect your diabetes would disappear and your back issue be much better or gone. Good luck.

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