What Weight Would You Consider Appropriated Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift if Wanting 1200cc - 1400cc? (photo)

I'm 5'2, 168 pounds not sure of my measurements but have displayed a picture of myself standing side ways as my default. I gain weight fluently but trying to maintain my size in order to forego this procedure as soon as I can get an appointment with an doctor of choice. What would be suggested in order to get the outcome I want?

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Brazilian Butt Lift- Weight requirement

to get the best result for a Brazilian Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation most people need to have at least 600 gms of fat injected into each buttocks. that would require at least 5000 ccs of liposuction. According to your picture you do have enough fat for buttock augmentation, but your plastic surgeon must be aggressive enough with liposuction and fat injection to give you the result that you could potentially achieve.

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There is no ideal weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

The outcome any individual patient could achieve with a Brazilian Butt Lift will depend on her starting anatomy, her surgeon's skill and experience with the procedure, and how well she follows postoperative instructions after the surgery. These are all equally important- in other words, even if you are the best candidate possible, and your surgeon is truly skilled in the procedure, your outcome will be poor and disappointing if you fail to follow your surgeon's advice during your recovery period.

Your best bet for understanding where you are in the spectrum of candidates for buttock enhancement is to visit a qualified surgeon for a consultation. An in-person examination will allow a much better evaluation of your body and fat stores- and therefore a more realistic interpretation of what you could reasonably expect to achieve.

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