Is It Possible to Get an Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augumentation at the Same Time?

I'm looking forward to getting an Brazilian Butt Lift and a Breast Argumentation done in the near future. I was wondering if it's possible to undergo both procedures the same day. If so, what protocol is needed to follow? If not, how far out each procedure should be schedule apart?

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Brazilian Butt Lift and breast augmentation performed at same time

I am frequently asked to combine other cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentation, with a Brazilian Butt Lift and most times this is possible.  I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate.  Do keep in mind that recovery may be uncomfortable since you will not be able to lie on your front OR back for the first 2 weeks after surgery.  Many of my patients have used maternity pillows to position themselves on their sides.

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Ok to get BBL and Implants // Se puede obtener implantes y aumento glúteo

Thank you for your question. Even though every case needs to be evaluated in a personalized fashion, I can assure you that under normal circumstances, the BBL and the breast augmentation can be done in tandem. I invite you to visit a board certified plastic surgeon to verify if you qualify to have both procedures done. Good luck


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Gracias por tu pregunta. Aunque cada caso debe ser evaluado en forma individual, puedo asegurarte que en condiciones normales, tanto el aumento de senos como el aumento glúteo puede realizarse en forma combinada. La invito a que visite un cirujano plástico certificado para verificar si clasifica para realizarse ambos procedimientos. ¡Buena suerte!

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