I have a scar on my face. What's the best option for me: steroid injections or excision? (Photo)

Should I try to use steroid injections or excision to get rid of this keloid. I'm looking to get this process done soon but plastic surgeons that I have gone to don't seem confident in being able to help me

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Scar Treatment

For the most ideal results, you may need multiple treatment sessions with both steroid injections and a gentle laser to resurface the skin. 

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Scar On Face And Treatment

You have a hypertrophic scar.  Treatment with steroid injections and lasers are the conservative approach and may help to flaten the scar and make it less noticeable.  Your best option for closer to a full "cure" would be re-excision of the scar followed by steroid injections and/or laser.  There is always a chance of the scar recurring or it worsening, but the more conservative options described above may not help much.  Some people have tried microneedling, but it rarely gives a full improvement.  Find an expert in the treatment of scars.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Hypertrophic scar

Based on the pictures, it would seem that is a hypertrophic scar as it does not seem to extend outside the boundaries of an initial injury.  It is in a tough spot as it lies at the junction of your nose and cheek which is why you have been getting luke warm confidence from your consultations so far.  If you were my patient I would counsel you on what realistic expectations may be and them perform scar excision with Z-plasty to reorient the scar and limit the chances of a similar outcome.

John D. Symbas, MD
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I have a scar on my face. What's the best option for me: steroid injections or excision?

How did you obtain this scar? Was it sutured? I would recommend re excision with layered closure and "microBotox" to wound edges. Fee $2,000...

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Kenalog or scar revision

Kenalog is unlikely to produce much gain. Without an exam, it is impossible to determine whether you have a true keloid or scar hypertrophy.  One option is a trial of serial excision of a small portion of the scar followed by steroid treatment.  Best of luck.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Keloid scar on the face--What's the best option for me: steroid injections or excision?

It looks from the picture like you may have either a keloid or hypertrophic scar--a little difficult to tell without an examination.  That being said I usually tell my patients that if it is an early scar a series of Kenalog (steroid) injections may help to flatten the scar but if it is failing that treatment or a well-established scar that excision followed by a Kenalog injections series is best such that you start from a fresh scar.  The 1st injection is done at the time of surgery after incision closure and then a series of injections are done post-postoperatively on a monthly  basis.  This combined with scar massage, silicone ointment/taping, etc is often successful at improving the appearance. The good news is that this is in an ideal position to hide the scar fairly well in a natural skin fold of the cheek-nose junction.  This method doesn't guarantee a 0% chance of recurrence of the raised scar but should reduce the risk! Good luck!

Megan Jack, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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