How long do I have to wait till my nose is back to normal?

I used to push around the tip of my nose excessively and this caused my nose cartilage to become lose (there is popping if i move it around) and my skin to become very thick and stretchy as well. I can stretch the skin at the bridge of my nose outwards a couple centimeters. How long do I have to wait till the lower lateral cartilage/thick stretchy skin goes back to normal? And what should I be doing to speed up the process, should I be applying some sort of cream? Thank you.

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Stretched nasal skin

If you have stretched the skin yourself over a long period of time then it is possible it might never go back to normal. The best thing to do is to leave it alone and give it time.RegardsDr. J

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Movable Nasal Tip

Feeling the cartilage move when pushing on the tip is not unusual. It is often noticed by people who have no concerns about their nose. The loose skin can possibly indicate an inherited problem such as Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, and there are ways to test for this. Since there are no photos it is hard to speculate on what you would need to obtain your goals. It seems like a consultation to better define your problems, and ruling out any inherited disorders, would be a good idea.

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