Should I see an ENT/surgeon for my nose? Or should I just leave it alone? (Photo)

For years, I have pushed and moved around the tip of my nose excessively as a bad habit and it has made my lower lateral cartilages and skin very loose. I now feel that the lower lateral cartilages are divided and I can feel this when I touch the tip of my nose. And when I move it, the cartilage makes a popping/clicking noise. Is it possible that I divided my lower lateral cartilage into two from messing with it? No pain, only mild congestion. I've never had rhinoplasty and I can breathe fine.

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Nasal trauma

Hi – while you don’t presently feel pain and have trouble breathing, it certainly sounds like your nose has undergone some trauma. Timely evaluation by an ENT is recommended for all cases of nasal trauma/fractures. You need to rule out dangerous complications like a septal hematoma, wherein the blood must be drained to prevent infection or perforation of the nasal septum.

Other possible complications from an untreated septal hematoma also include a collapsed nose and breathing difficulties. Separation or tearing of the nasal cartilages, which is what your case sounds like, can also cause significant nasal dysfunction and cosmetic alteration You’re fortunate that you didn’t experience the pain usually associated with nasal trauma and/or an acute nosebleed. This is usually followed by swelling of the nose, black and blue bruises around the eyes, and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Regardless of when you consult an ENT, please do your best to overcome this habit of pushing and moving the tip of your nose excessively.

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Thank you for your question. It is doubtful that you created permanent damage from touching the tip of your nose, however, if you touched the tip of your nose after trauma then there may be structural damages. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. A Rhinoplasty can repair any internal structural damages that may cause the popping/clicking noise you are experiencing.
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Tipplasty Surgery

It is not really possible to diagnose the case but from what you are telling it is better to visit a Doctor .Most probably a tipplasty surgery will be needed.

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