Will Invisalign help bring down my top canine teeth? I have two canines that are above the rest of my teeth, like fangs (Photo)

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You should do Conventional Orthodontics

This is a very difficult movement to do with Invisalign, and I would recommend conventional wire and bracket orthodontic treatment for our case.  You may find a good orthodontist by going to the American Academy of Orthodontics (AAO) website and they will help you find an orthodontist in your area.

Plano Dentist
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Invisalign for canines

Hi, Invisalign can be used to bring down the canines in place as traditional braces though it can take a bit longer. I have seen wonderful results even in difficult cases like this. I would suggest you to see somebody with a good experience of invisalign as most beginners might not want to do it. 

Natwarlal Tibrewal, BDS
Leeds Dentist
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