Can a colored tattoo be successfully removed from dark African American skin with a decent amount of laser treatments? (photos)

my tattoo is about 4 months old and is mainly black. there is mainly black shading in the rose with red and a highlight of orange and in the leaves theres some shading but also has green with a highlight of yellow and in the steam. some of the color didnt take too well because i got the tattoo over old scar tissue so some of the color where the scar is looks faded. im looking for complete removal not too worried about hypo pigmentation but if it can be avoided that would be great..

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Tattoo Removal in Dark Skin

Tattoo removal is possible in darker skin.  Q-Switched 1064 wavelength is the procedure of choice.  I works well and is safe in all skin colours.  Red and Green are more problematic as the wavelengths required have a risk of inducing hypopigmentation,  As always more complex tattoo removals such as yours, should be carried out in the office of a Medical Specialist with extensive experience in this areas

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