Worried about my nipples 2 days post op. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm worried about my nipples not a lot of pussy. My boobs feel warm to the touch and my areola is shinny and puffed up. Should I be worried.

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Should I be worried about the appearance of my nipples after surgery?

I would agree with the other Plastic Surgeons in that the appearance of your breasts looks normal for this early out of surgery.  However, this type of question should really be posed to your treating surgeon who knows you far better than any of us.  I'm sure that he/she will appreciate you keeping them in the loop.

I hope that helps!  Looks like you are going to have a very nice result.

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Worried about nipple

Thank you for your question. It look appropriate for the post op period. Please follow instructions and follow up with your   PS 

Ven Erella, MD
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Should I be worried about my nipples?

Hi!  It looks like you will have an excellent result.  At this point in post op wound healing the breasts are very swollen.  Combination augmentation/mastopexies are complicated and more difficult than the sum of the two.  The nipples look fine and the border of the areola although bruised should be fine as well.  An in person exam is much better than trying to make an evaluation based on pictures. Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Dr. M

Aaron J. Mayberry, MD, FACS
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Nipples After Breast Lift or Breast Reduction

The photos you sent appear quite normal for the first few days post-op. The swelling, bruises and stained tapes can look a little scary, but that is the norm. The swelling will distort the shape, making the nipples look "puffed up and shiny."

Nonetheless, it is important to stay in touch with your surgeon and let them know your concerns. There is no substitute for in-person evaluation by the surgeon who performed your procedure.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Worried nipples

it's way too early to make any comment about the status of the nipples or any other part of your procedure. It appears that you had breast augmentation under the pec muscle with a standard breast lift (Mastopexy). The combined procedure puts extra stress and longer healing on the breast and its components. 

You need to keep in close contact with your board certified plastic surgeon 

Leon Goldstein, MD
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Nipple position

Hello and thank you for your question. At two days from surgery  it is still too early to tell what your final result may look like. I would continue to be patient. After your dressings have been removed it will be possible to get a better sense. 

Best Wishes 

Theodore T. Nyame MD 

Theodore Nyame, MD
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Things look pretty good in the photos but it can be hard to tell and your operating surgeon should see you if you are concerned 

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