Do I have lateral displacement? 8 months post-op, 500cc textured silicone implants. (Photo)

I'm worried I have some Lateral displacement in my right breast. It feels like the pocket is farther to the side and not quite as large on the bottom. My breast feels hollow underneath towards the center line of my chest, where I might have cleavage. While my left breast feels fuller and softer on the opposite side. I also feel like my implant is pretty intrusive towards my armpit, my side boob is out of control. Is this something that can be easily corrected?

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Lateral Displacement After Breast Augmentation

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It is not unusual for patients to experience lateral implant displacement after breast augmentation with large implants, like 500cc. Often times, plastic surgeons  will use textured implants to decrease the risk of lateral displacement, but nothing can absolutely prevent the risk.Treatment is of course at your option and may include capsulorrhaphy (tightening of the lateral capsule/pocket) with or without reinforcing the lateral pocket with a graft.  Reducing the implant size is an important consideration to help prevent recurrence.

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Displacement of implants?

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Thank you for the question. From the photos, they appear to be fairly symmetric. You should also recognize your pre-existing asymmetry as well. To evaluate more subtle differences, you need an in-person exam. 

Neil T. Chen, MD
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

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