Bone Graft for molar implant necessary?

One of my molars is supposed to be replaced by an implant. Had root canal/crown done 3 y ago, crown chipped recently and after X-rays dentist says it looks like root is fractured, but not sure. Oral surgeon wants to do extraction with immediate bone graft. Do I really need this or is it part of the money making? It's already a fortune without the bone graft and my insurance pays almost nothing.

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Tooth implant

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Bone grafting helps to preserve bone volume and implant can be placed in ideal position.If oral surgeon is planning for immediate implant then bone grafting is essential.

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Implant, bone grafting

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Due to molars having multi roots, bone grafting will help against rapid resorption of the bone from the empty root sockets after an extraction.  I definitely recommend bone grafting to make sure you can have as wide and as long of an implant as possible.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
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Socket Grafting after Extraction

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If you want to maintain as much bone as possible and preserve the site for a future dental implant, it is advisable to have the socket grafted when the tooth is extracted. 

Michael L. Nishime, DDS
Honolulu Dentist

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