Rib Pain 1 Year After Tummy Tuck?

I have a question about a tummy tuck I had done 4 years ago. About one year after I had it I started having bad rib pain. My Dr. says it is an inflammation in the ribs. Its been 4 years now since I had the tummy tuck and 3 years with this awful pain. It is intensified when I sit for long periods either at a computer or a chair or even trying to relax on the couch. Also wondering since i've gained about 30 pounds does the muslce split again in the middle?

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Pain emerging in the ribs one year after an abdominoplasty is probably not related to that operation.

It is unlikely that rib pain one year out from an abdominoplasty is a result of that operation weight gain notwithstanding. Go through the diagnostic process with your surgeon and a suitable treatment will emerge.

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Rib Pain 1 Year After Tummy Tuck?

If it started a full year after your TT, it seems unlikely that there is any relationship between the two. Hopefully the physician who is advising you about the pain is your primary doc and not the surgeon. 

The weight question -- although you have gained 30 pounds, probably only a fraction in within your abdominal cavity, so there may not be much added stress on the muscle tightening that was done. See your surgeon who can give a better response after an examination. All the best. 

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