7 months post-op, will my left saline implant drop fully? My right implant (dominant side) dropped within 4 weeks.

Left side had problems dropping from the beginning, no hardness.The upper pole section of my breast has a more volume then right breast.The right side also feels like it sits further under my armpit then my other side. Now I am starting to get concerned that left side will not drop. I have to really push up the right side to match the cleavage on the left side.Concerned that the pocket isn't big enough or there is scar tissue formed that won't allow it to drop fully. can this be fixed?

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Left implant hasn't dropped 7 months after breast augmentation

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Thanks for your questions.  Unfortunately, at 7 months after your procedure, if your left implant has not "dropped" into the same position as the right, then there is very little likelihood that it will even out without another procedure.  I would encourage you to discuss your result with your surgeon to determine a plan to get you the result you desire.  Best wishes!

Dr. Brown

Breast asymmetry after augmentation

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A photograph would be useful in this situation. Having said that, there could be two reasons for the asymmetry. One would be that the pocket on the left is not large enough, the other is that you are experiencing capsular contracture. If you feel that the left implant is harder and tighter than the right, then it could be capsular contracture.

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