Labiaplasty Wedge Problem? (photo)

I had the wedge method of labiaplasty performed and had abnormal edema,antibiotic given. A week after surgery I went back in to get the left labia re-stitched because the stitches had fallen out. I was told that the stitches may come out again since the skin is so tender now. The stitches did indeed come out,I have a gaping hole going up towards my vagina on the inner most side of my labia minora. I tried taking a pic, but it did not come out very clear. Will the wound heal without stitches?

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Labiaplasty Wedge Problem?

   After the initial separation occurs, suturing the area will hardly ever maintain the integrity of that area due to tissue friability and inflammation in that area.   Allow it to heal for several months and reevaluate.  A revision can be performed at that time once the tissues are more capable of enduring additional surgery.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Labiaplasty healing and recovery

I perform a modification of the labial wedge resection technique that I believe maintains postoperative labial perfusion. I would let this heal and reevaluate in a few weeks.  Most of the incision will heal nicely. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Labia wedge problem

As the inventor of the central wedge technique 20 years ago, I can tell you that it will probably heal okay without re-suturing.  However, if it doesn't, the repair should not be attempted until you are at least 5 months after your last surgery. Any attempt to fix it now will be unsuccessful.  


Dr. Gary Alter

Gary J. Alter, MD
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Labia separation

I'm sorry to hear of your healing difficulties but it does happen.  As for you concerns as to whether this will heal, it will so don't worry about that.  However, it is possible you may want a revision to make things more equal and I hope you know your surgeon's policy regarding revisions as not every doctor has one.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Wound healing after wedge Labiaplasty

Sorry to hear you are struggling. Wound separation after a labiaplasty can happen and usually heals in on it's own without needed additional intervention. I would not recommend placing additional sutures at this point as the tissue is inflamed and friable.  It's best just to let it heal in on it's own, and if a revision is needed it should be done once you are completely healed. This type of thing does not usually require a revision.

Hang in there!  Be sure to let your surgeon keep an eye on things.

Best of luck,


Jennifer L. Harrington MD

Jennifer Harrington, MD
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Wedge labiaplasty wound breakdown.

I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties. This is an unusual occurrence, but this is a warm, moist, mobile area of the body, and there are a few bacteria that thrive in that kind of environment, so what you experienced is not unheard of.

Unless the outer suture line of the wedge excision breaks down, this is a one-sided wound dehiscience only, and it will likely heal just fine. Further suturing of inflamed and bacterially-contaminated tissues will not be helpful and would indeed probably break down again, so your doctor was kind to try to resuture the wound once, but should not do so a second time. This should be minimally visible as time goes by, but another local anesthesia revision is always possible when things have fully healed, settled, and softened for several months. It is unlikely to be necessary, however. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Labiaplasty suture line opening

Thank you for your question and photo. All in all you should heal fine. I would not resuture the dehiscence or open wound. It will fall apart again. The good news is that it is on the mucosal side or inner wall of the labia. This will heal well and I venture to say that in 3 months you will not be able to identify where the open wound or scar is. Be patient, abstain from sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks after the incision is completely closed. Good luck.

George Marosan, MD
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