Are family members working secretly in the office a conflict of interest?

After meeting my surgeon, his two office girls, booking and having surgery I do some online research to find out that the surgeon is married to one of the girls. They have different last names obviously to keep things confidential. Post of after hours call was returned by his wife. Now issues after surgery and I call and ask to speak to the dr and his wife will not allow it. Shes been kn the room w him w my top off...Am I wrong for feeling like they have an unfair advantage/this is unprofessional?

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Family of MD and patiients

I do not  think there is any conflict. In fact there may be an advantage since a physicians's wife may be  far more critical of results  when she sees and spends more time  with the patients. I know of a number of PS whose wife is a nurse working in the OR or office, and it seems to work very well. I would  have no concern.

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Family workers in the office

It seems to me that having a family member work in the office is fairly common in all specialties and I have seen it a number of times in plastic surgery.  We clearly disclose the fact that my wife works with me on our website etc.  However not disclosing it is likely not any kind of conflict.  If you are not getting the attention you need from the surgeon you should bring this up with him.  He is the one you should be seeing if you have an issue.

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