Any suggestions on Refirme? (photos)

Hi, I had 6 refirme trtmts. on face and neck for "prevention" reasons. After initial effects wore off, I noticed a vertical line of lax skin starting from right beneath chin to a couple of inches onto neck that I definitely did not have prior! So,what I was wanting to prevent I actually created!?!? Is it possible It could've destroyed fat in my already thin neck leaving me with a nasty vertical line of hanging unsightly skin?? I don't believe it is a platysmal band seems more like skin. Thanks

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What you are seeing is something you always had but never saw. The ReFirme unmasked it. It is what we call a platysmal band. You can treat it with a few units of Botox every four months.

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Talmage Raine MD

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Refirme and platysmal band

We often perform ReFirme treatments in my office and have never seen a platysmal band (which is what that appears to be) caused by ReFirme treatments.  Sometimes weight loss or loss of fat in the neck can cause a platysmal band to become more visible.  I hope this helps.

Anthony Youn, MD, FACS
Detroit Plastic Surgeon

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