Jawline wounds not healed after facelift done 10 mths ago. I have been abandoned. Opinions and suggestions appreciated. (photos)

Dr R, board certified, performed surgery in December 7, 2015. Very slow healing. Consulted a wound care specialist Mar. 2016 Met with Dr. R after. Insisted that all was OK --said asymmetry and ear piercing would be addressed after complete healing. Last consultation with Dr. was 1st week of May, 2017, via FaceTime, having returned to my permanent residence. I attempted contact in June and was told that he had retired in May. He never mentioned an impending retirement. What??? .

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Scar issues following facelift

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I am so sorry that you are experiencing these issues. Yes, your surgeon probably should have told you that he was retiring, but there could have been extenuating circumstances such as health reason. My best advice would be for you  to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can assess your scars in person and come up with an appropriate treatment plan. 


Kouros Azar

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Two problems

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So the ear scar can be addressed with a local anaesthetic outpatient procedure so don't worry about that. 

The migrating scar is a strange one as facelifting doesn't generate a scar anywhere near there. 

I suspect either anxious excoriation or nighttime itching near the scar is the cause. It could also be a skin condition such as bowens or even pyoderma so my next step would be to see a dermatologist to look at your skin own that area without considering the facelift as the cause. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Facelift Wounds

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It is unfortunate that you are dealing with these issues.  I would reach out to a board-certified plastic surgeon in your location.  It is difficult to make recommendations based on pictures.  You will likely need an earlobe revision and will need recommendations/treatment if the wound has not healed yet.  Good Luck!

Timothy A. Janiga MD, FACS

Unhappy with face lift - surgeon retired

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Thank you for asking about your face lift.

  • I am sorry you are unhappy.
  • One cannot judge your healing today from a photo in March.
  • You appear to need a minor ear lobe revision on one ear.
  • You need to see another plastic surgeon for this - and for the jaw wound if it has not healed.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Facelift wounds not healing properly

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Hi dkhcz,

  You might try at this point to visit a Board certified plastic surgeon in your own area. Sometimes there are some scar treatments, including silicone based creams and others as well as certain laser treatments that could possibly help. If you are a smoker, stop. This includes nicotine patches and gum. Avoid the sun to minimize the redness that you have.

The earlobe problem is easier to treat, but again, I would advise you to see a Board certified Plastic surgeon in you area.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Christine Rodgers

Facelift wounds

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Thank you for reaching out to us.  I am sorry you are dealing with prolonged issues related to a less than ideal facelift procedure.  The wounds you have suffered and continue to deal with are certainly not typical.  At this point, my recommendation would be to request all of your medical records and operative reports related to this surgery.  If the surgeon has retired, you can likely get some of these from the center where surgery was performed.  Then seek out a board certified facial plastic surgeon for their opinion and assistance.  And remember, board certification is only one part of the equation.  Find a surgeon with a proven track record, who's work/results you can review, and with whom you establish a healthy rapport.  Good luck!

Christian L. Stallworth, MD
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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