Jaw/chin reduction candidate? (photos)

I have been doing research on getting a jaw/chin reduction, it's something I've been wanting to do for myself. I feel my jaw is very square and lopsided and I don't know why and my chin is over projected. I've heard that you can also take the fat from stomach/butt to fill lips and cheeks for a more symmetrical product, so I was wondering if that is a possibility.

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Chin surgery

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You could make your mandible more symmetric by having custom implants made for your lower jaw. This would make your chin look less prominent enabling a small reduction provide a benefit. In general, reducing the skeleton detracts from appearance by taking away definition and support for the soft tissues. It can also lead to premature aging. 

Yes but be careful

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Hi Sarnissan,Yes - we can do those things.  Adjusting the jaw and chin can make the face more balanced, feminine, and attractive but you must be careful to make sure that it's done right.  If too much is done you can have a sagging chin.  However, you look like a good candidate based on what can be seen in your photos.  Check the video for more information.

Jeffrey H. Spiegel, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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