Concerned about wound healing after bilateral mastectomy? (Photos)

I am 16 days post op and am concerned about how my wounds look. We I saw the PS 2 days ago he cut off some black skin but scared that I'm not healing like I should and I don't see the PS again until next week. There is no puss or fluid coming from the wound.

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Slow healing after mastectomy

Thank you for your question and photos.  I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble after surgery.  From what I can see, you have some slow healing along the incision.  Unfortunately this happens from time to time after mastectomy due to poor blood flow.  Best to follow your surgeons instructions for wound care and seem them regularly.  In some cases, your surgeon may need to take you back to surgery to debride the dead tissue and re-close your incision.  If you notice high fevers, redness, or pus, make sure you contact your surgeon immediately.  Good luck.  

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Bilateral mastectomies

I presume you have a TE/Implant based reconstruction. Those areas around your incision on either side are concerning because the removal of the breast tissue leaves this tissue with a lack of blood flow.  This limits the ability of these tissues to heal properly.  Unfortunately this happens and you need to follow up closely with your surgeon.

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