Burns from Fat Transfer, This Was my 4th Procedure with the Same Doc. Something Seems Wrong? (photo)

After the first procedure, I had a lot of fill on one cheek, not something that I asked for, but it looked good. Last week was my 4th procedure. I know that it is early, but my face is still asymmetrical and the tear trough areas are still hollow. I also have a painful burn on the inside of one of my thighs! What procedure could have caused this burn? The doc insists on 6 months between fixes. I am tired of looking lopsided. If I change doctors, the cost would be significant, I am losing faith.

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Burns from Fat Transfer, This Was my 4th Procedure

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As to the burn, you are far likelier to get the answer by asking your surgeon than by asking docs who don't exactly know what technique was used for fat harvesting to guess on the cause. 

If you have lost confidence, you should consider a second opinion. Based on the evaluation and quote, you can decide what is the best course for you. All the best. 

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