Color Matching of Lumineers over Porcelain?

Are patiencts generally happier with the color matching results of porcelain over lumineers?

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Luminers shade vs other porcelain veneers

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The short answer is yes. Lumineers ( only a brand name, its all marketing)  are meant to be  thinner than traditional veneers and harder to match , or have lighter shades.

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Lumineers ARE porcelain veneers

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Lumineers are nothing more than a brand of porcelain from a company called Den-Mat.  They are a porcelain material and technique that has been around for many years, originally called Cerinate.

The color matching challenges with Lumineers and other brands of porcelain are the same.  If anything, Lumineers can be more challenging due to how thin they are.  If the teeth underneath are significantly dark, the Lumineers can have a difficult time masking the color.

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