What Color or Condition Should Teeth Be In For Good Results with Lumineers?

If teeth are a bit dark and yellow before lumineers are put on, will the dentist recommend teeth whitening beforehand? 

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Tooth Condition for Lumineers

Good candidates for Lumineers are teeth that are mostly intact with minimal amount of wear and damage, good gum and bone health, and fairly straight teeth.  If there is a significant amount of wear or damage or crowding, Lumineers are not a good option.  An experienced cosmetic dentist can determine whether or not you're a good candidate for Lumineers.

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Condition of the teeth for Lumineers/Veneers?

Lumineers is a brand name of dental veneers. The porcelain is made extremely thin with this type of veneer, and if the teeth they cover are uneven or dark in color, it is difficult to predictably mask this to dramatically improve the shade without using a porcelain so opaque that your teeth end up looking fake!

Your best option for any change to your smile, whether by tooth whitening or veneers, is to meet with a good cosmetic dentist.  He or she will take photographs and models of your teeth and smile,  and discuss specifically what will be the best option in your case to achieve the look you want. 

Best of luck!

What Condition Should Teeth Be In For Good Results with Lumineers?

To get good results with Lumineers, you need to be cavity free. You also need to not grind your teeth, and be impeccable at cleaning and caring for your teeth. Lumineers work best if your expectations for the final results are fairly average-if you are very picky and precise, then Lumineers are not the best solution.

If you are concerned about the darkness in your teeth now, and want to make a big change in the color, then it's always better to whiten the teeth first.

To get great results with Lumineers (or really any type of porcelain veneers), you need a great plan. A good cosmetic dentist can help discuss with you what you don't like about your smile, and what you want it ultimately to look like. 

After more than twenty years as a cosmetic dentist in Denver, the key is customizing the result so it looks great on you. 


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Porcelain veneers versus lumineers

My suggestion is to have consultations with the best esthetic dentist you can find. Totally forget about the name Lumineers.  It is simply a type of porcelain.  A good analogy is to think about an artist.  If you were to give 5 artists a bag of oil paints of different brands, the true artist will be able to create a beautiful result.  The same applies to cosmetic dentistry.  You will most likely get what you pay for.  Be sure to ask the dentists that you consult with to see close up photos of their work.  This is a good indicator of what this dentist is capable of.  


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