What type of rhinoplasty can be done to correct my crooked nose? (photos)

The bottom cartridge-y part of my nose swing to the left and the bridge is asymmetrical in the middle. I don't remember ever breaking it, but it seems to be getting worse as I get older. I've noticed I breathe better out of one side than the other as well. My question is what can be done to fix this and will most insurance policy cover these types of injuries?

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What type of rhinoplasty can be done to correct my crooked nose?

I wish the posted photo was more in focus and closer. But you need a septa rhinoplasty operation. Best to seek ONLY IN  PERSON opinions... 

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What type of rhinoplasty can be done to correct my crooked nose?

   The part of the septum that is corrected for breathing will not improve the appearance of the nose, but insurance may cover this part.  The cosmetic improvements will not be covered, but the nose can be straightened.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Septoplasty for a crooked nose

The key to a straight nose is a straight septum.  Insurance will only cover that part of a rhinoplasty that they deem medically necessary.  If you are having nasal airway obstruction then a septoplasty would be covered.  

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It is best to be seen in person. Your photo is difficult to review.  If your nose is crooked very commonly it can be straightened.

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A fuill examination of your nose and septum are required to prepare a surgical plan. Insurance is well onto any doctor who tries to "game the system" in nasal surgery, so typically the patient would be responsible for any costs insurance would not cover for functional improvement.

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Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are 2 separate procedures

A septoplasty is performed for medical necessity to remove blocking cartilage and bone in the back of the nose that's obstructing air flow.  A septoplasty will not change the shape of the nose.
A rhinoplasty is performed to straighten the nose, remove the hump and make any tip adjustments.  To straighten a crooked nose, osteotomies of the nasal bones are required and re-setting the nasal bones straight. A concave upper lateral cartilage in the mid vault area will also require a cartilaginous spreader graft placed underneath the concave upper lateral cartilage. For many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the links below

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Crooked nose

It sounds like your septum (the cartilage inside the nose between the nostrils) is deviated.  This can be corrected by a septoplasty, a common procedure done along with rhinoplasty.  It can help your breathing as well.   It is tricky when it comes to insurance.  If only a septoplasty is needed to straighten the nose, usually insurance will cover it.  If you start getting into cosmetic changes that might require rhinoplasty, then insurance is less likely to cover.  The best thing to do is make an appointment with a rhinoplasty surgeon for examination.  We are just up the road in Midlothian. Happy to take a look....

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