The doctor who did my Sculptra decided I needed two vials, it was a week ago, and I look horribly! What can I do to change this?

How can I make my face not look like I am a fat, boxed-cheeked monster 6 days after Sculptra?

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Sculptra Results Take 4-6 Weeks

Please try to be patient because Sculptra is not intended to be a "right away" injectable product. Commenting on the specifics of how you look currently is impossible without more information. 

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Sculptra - Results Take Time

As the others below mentioned, six days out is just too soon to make any judgement regarding the final result. Your doctor may not have fully prepared you for what happens post-Sculptra, but being swollen for up to two weeks after is not uncommon. Additionally, Sculptra is a very gradual filler, meaning it needs time to be absorbed into the tissue and then to stimulate collagen. This is not something that happens over night and will be a process that happens over a period of months. I would give it a bit more time before deciding you are unhappy with the result, but if you are truly concerned, I would not hesitate to speak to your doctor and get their advice. 

Dennis Gross, MD
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Cheeks look fat immediately after Sculptra

It is way too early to discuss the results of Sculpra. It takes weeks to even start to stimulate collagen that is visible and months to see the full effect. What you are experiencing now is not representative of long term results. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done at this point to stop the collagen. Maybe taking anti-inflammatories would decrease the collagen created, but this is only theoretical.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Face fat one week after Sculptra

It is fairly normal for the face to appear full for a week or two after a Sculptra treatment.  This appearance will change as the fluid that was injected gets absorbed into the tissue.  You should notice your face looking less full in another week or so.  After this goes down, there will be some gradual improvement in fullness over more time.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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