Could a certified surgeon put abdominal implants over the abdominal rectum muscles (submuscular)?

as i were fat before, i made a lipo, then an abdominoplasty, i do a lot of exercise and diet but still my skin is flacid on the abdomen, i think that the only thing that can help me is a surgery of putting abdominal implants with a kind of projection or relief about 1 or 2 centimeters, but i read that u say that it is not possible, put something under the abdominal rectus musles ,but could it be submuscular???

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Tummy Tuck


This is not an area where implants can be placed unfortunately. Precision, Liposuction is done to sculpt the 6 pack abs look when there is minimal fat and no excess skin present. To remove excess skin on the abdomen and tighten the area, an Abdominoplasty is usually appropriate. A Mini Tummy Tuck may suit you. You will need to be examined in person by a board certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss possible options.

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Can implants be placed over the abdominal rectus muscles for definition?

There is no such procedure to place implants for sculpting of the abdominal rectus muscles.  However there is a procedure which involves "high definition abdominal liposuction" which may also involve fat transfer to accentuate the six pack appearance. This is best performed on people with tight abdominal skin and very little abdominal fat. Best of luck!

Jeffrey K. Scott, MD
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Extra skin

If you still have extra skin, that could be removed with a revision of your abdominoplasty.  There are no approved implants for abdominal musculature.  

Tyler C. Street, MD
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