Facial Lasceration in Forehead? (photo)

Hi. I had a cut in my forehead do to sports related activities. It was stured in the ER, but in a way that left me uncertain my questions: 1. I only had 2 stitches made... for a 2cms or so wound... isn't this to little? 2. The Dr. said to get them out in 7-10 days. Isn't this too long? 3. Does this look at least like it was sutured the right way (picture)? 4. Does it make any sense to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon at this point? Stitches were 48 hours ago .. should I wait first?

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Forehead laceration

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Considering that your injury was only 48 hours ago, I would say that it looks fairly good.  It's a little difficult to see all of the wound because of what appears to be some dried blood.  In general, I would say that 2 sutures for a 2 cm wound would be less than I would normally use, but your wound does appear to be well approximated.  Removing them around 7 days should be fine.  I would wait and see how the wound heals for a few months before seeing a plastic surgeon.  It's possible after some more time that the scar will not be very noticeable.  

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Lacerations to forhead, cuts, face, laceration

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Your question is extremely common.  People obviously go to the emergency room after an injury especially after a laceration which tends to bleed significantly.  There are several factors that determine how the repair is made.  Depending on the training and skill level of the providers in the emergency room, the severity of the injury and degree of hemorrhage and perhaps how busy/overloaded the emergency room may be will determine the suture that was chosen.  It appears that you had several full-thickness sutures placed that are somewhat large and appeared to be nylon.  This will work in order to close the wound and help slow down any bleeding from the wound edges.  This is more of a "rapid fix ".  Depending on the factors I mentioned above, these can be repaired and a "plastics "fashion.  In this situation, a very detailed repair is made.  The wound is cleaned, any crushed tissue is removed, foreign bodies are removed and finally a 2 or 3 layer repair is made.  A multi layer repair closes all the deep tissues, the tissue in the middle of the wound and then the skin edges.  This is done to take all the tension off the wound and allow optimal healing.  This type of repair is more detailed and it appears you had the former type of repair that we discussed.  Keeping the wound clean and dry, avoidance of sun exposure and the use of silicone on the wound will help optimize outcome.  Suture removal in 7-10 days should be all right.  This is especially the case when it it appears 2 or 3 large sutures were thrown for the wound closure.  This will prevent wound breakdown but you will be at a higher chance of scarring in general from a non-plastics repair.

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