Is it impossible to have another surgeon look at my nose?

I know only the surgeon who actually went in and did the surgery can know what is best but it's been 2 weeks post op and every time I call I always get the same answer "we will talk to doc and call you back" I never get a call back & have to call back myself the next day getting the same response. It never ends and I paid good money to finally get this rhinoplasty done. One more thing is my bump looked much smaller once cast was off now it's like it's growing again and it is hard like bone.

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Seeing another surgeon

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to speak with your doctor...I'm assuming that you traveled for your surgery and therefore a post operative visit is not a possibility.  Ensure you speak with the patient coordinator or office manager - whomever you were in touch with prior to surgery.  If there are issues that need to be handled then they may be able to point you in the direction of someone closer to you so that things can be taken care of.  Rhinoplasty sometimes can have a longer road to recovery than expected.  Obviously without knowing what was done or how it was done it is hard to know what you can expect.  Best of luck.  

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Is it impossible to have another surgeon look at my nose?

It is appropriate to see another doctor if you are not getting a response from your surgeon. Ask for a copy of your records first (they have to provide it) to bring to the new surgeon.

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Is it impossible to have another surgeon look at my nose?

It seems a bit unusual that you are not being seen back by your surgeon.  You can always look for another surgeon to check you, but at 2 weeks out from surgery, it is unlikely any other surgeon could commit to any answers that would satisfy your questions/concerns.  The change in the bump can happen with swelling which will take a long time to fully resolve.  Continue to work with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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